Paris Youth Foundation interview – Home is Where the Heart is, fans and Zombie Apocalypse

Posted on 31 March 2020
By Milka Cherkezova
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In these uncertain times, here at Purple Revolver we are delighted to be discovering new up and coming musical talents, like Paris Youth Foundation. The five piece from Liverpool were tearing up the UK music scene before we went into lockdown.

We caught up in a public place, just before it was becoming frowned upon and the upbeat band spoke to us about everything from their music to the virus that’s got everyone sitting on secret mountains of toilet rolls to predicting the future.

PR: How was the band formed, what inspired you to start making music together?

Kevin: “When we first started, it was very much a hobby because we all love music so much – it quickly changed around from five mates messing around to ‘let’s see where this goes.’”

PR: Who are your major influences?

Kevin: “I think it’s different for everybody as we are a drastically different bunch, which makes an interesting process of music making- personally I love The National.”

Tom: “You can take elements of song writing from every genre and apply it to your own songwriting – so we take inspiration from all sorts of music.”

PR: How important are your fans to you?

Kevin: “Very, very important- it’s great to see people on the front row that sing along to the songs or wear our t-shirts, we can never take that for granted- we are very much appreciative of them, even if there are only ten people in the room.”

Tom: “Biggest one for us is hearing the fans singing along to the songs that aren’t even out yet.”

What are your hobbies and interests outside of music?

Kevin: “I just love music man – so these are not official hobbies but I love dogs, I spend a lot of time with my dog, we also all love football but it is a weird time for football right now especially for Liverpool.”

Tom: “He’s a red – but Liverpool are not going to be allowed to win the league. Muhahahahaha!”

Kevin: “Dogs, football and music is probably a good representation of what we like.”

PR: You just had your first ever UK headline tour, where was your favourite place to perform in?

Kevin: “Interesting thing about bands is that a lot of the time we experience the gigs differently, but think London was everyone’s favourite.”

Purple Revolver: “Not Liverpool?”

Tom: “Liverpool is tough because you’re playing to friends and family- so it is a different atmosphere, it’s usually 50 per cent friends and family.”

Kevin: “As much as we love Liverpool and playing to friends and family- it can be a weird environment because sometimes you feel like people are there for no other reasons then they have to be. Although, genuine fans are there to support you as well, so it is a mix really. You have people in shirts that know all the words and then you have people like my dad’s mates who are like ‘when’s this finishing?’”

PR: If there was a zombie apocalypse right now, how would you survive?

Tom: “I’d have Jay with me because he would know how to use a gun.”

Jamie: “Yeah, not that I have used a gun before – I’m just good at playing COD.”

Kevin: “There is not much to plan, I went into Tesco and you can only buy certain number of items anyway, so it is hard to plan… so I don’t know, I’m genuinely very scared.”

Tom: “You know this isn’t about corona virus, right? It’s a zombie apocalypse! Would Tesco be the first thing on your mind if there was a zombie apocalypse?”

Kevin: “I think I would be the first to go, I wouldn’t last long at all. I wouldn’t even put up a fight, it’d be pointless.”

Jamie: “If it is The Walking Dead kind of zombies, I’d let them take me the first day or I would just go home to Leicester, where it’s more remote.”

PR: LEICESTER?! If you had to describe your music in Disney characters, what would it be? (This also includes Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar etc.)

Kevin: “Never watched that, I’m not a big virgin – I just never got Star Wars. To answer your question; probably T-rex from Toy Story- it’s my favourite Disney movie.

Do you have any predictions for the future?

Kevin: “It’s hard to tell now, it’s a scary time really, you don’t know what’s going to happen with the future – I’m just scared.”

Jamie: “I think in the future, music is going to be a series of bleeps- everything is going to be used so it will be a minimalistic bleep. Just bleeps – when this happens in a thousand years time, you’ll see that I was right.”

PR: Do you have an album on the way?

Kevin: “It’s been recorded and ready to go but everything is up in the air with the virus, so we are still hoping on releasing it sometime this year

Tom: “If we can’t tour in September then it would be hard as we need to promote it and touring is one way to do that – so at the minute it’s just singles. The next single is coming out very soon.

Kevin “At the moment that’s what we have coming up in the next few months, but there will be many more things coming up.”