Otomo unveils cinematic video for his single Fool (Video)

Posted on 9 February 2018
By Khyle Deen
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Supported by NOISEY, OTOMO is a French electronic artist with a vision reaching far beyond popular stardom.

He actively refuses to partake in the society in its current form and thus disappears.

As he describes it: “In sprawling Megacities where continuous flows of data and information is dumped every second before our very eyes… In a world where relationships are digitized, where loneliness is amplified, where reality dematerializes each day a little more… One man has made a choice to put himself at the fringes, to disappear, to exist, faceless wearing a mask to become human again, To become unique again. To become OTOMO”.

The title track ‘FOOL’ released via Play Two French label is full not so hidden discontent particularly manifesting in the chorus which builds anticipation before a sorrowful howl ‘Fool/For you’.

The video for ‘FOOL’ starts with a man with no face taking the train in London and facing the city and then continues with cinematic sights of the enormous clouds, a volcano and cliffs amongst others that subsequently all start moving towards the faceless man as if trying to swallow him. He escapes and finds himself entirely alone in a market to sum up exactly how he feels in society.

OTOMO’s sound is a mix of Coucheron, Orbital and Naughty Boy providing an escape like feeling. Racking up 500,000 plays across streaming platforms with 50,000 weekly listens.