NYC based LGBT falsetto pop king Reigen covers The Cranberries’ song Dreams (Video)

Posted on 12 January 2018
By Khyle Deen
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Reigen is a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter and producer who creates hook-laden, heart driven synth pop.

Recently, the LGBTQ Music Vote Nominee, released a cover version of The Cranberries ‘Dreams’ and it’s very personal.

The seminal 90’s alternative rock band The Cranberries have always been easily distinguished by their unique sound that is not easy to capture. However, Reigen doesn’t try to copy the band and instead puts his own twist on the song making it sound love-struck and heartfelt. The music video is centered around the simplicity of love in the early stages via snippets of first dates when the electricity is in the air. It’s gives a feeling of easiness, warmth and that odd fuzzy feeling of being smitten with someone.

Reigen further explained his song choice: “My friends Thommy and Cedric asked me to do this song for their wedding and I never thought I’d be sharing it more widely, but they were so sweet about it and here we are… this is a celebration of the love that is all around us’’.

Reigen’s blend of influences — most clearly new wave, disco, electronica and modern pop — has been compared to Years and Years, Sam Smith and Colouring.

Reigen’s delicate falsetto vocals earned global attention from Clash Magazine, Skope Mag, Son of Marketing and PopMuzik just to name a few and also hand picked by BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson.