Nicki Minaj and Ciara collaborate on new single I’m Legit

Posted on 28 April 2013
By Amber May
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Nicki Minaj and Ciara had such chemistry creating new single I’m Legit that they decided to go back for seconds on Ciara’s upcoming self-titled album.

I’m Legit pairs Barbz and Ciara for all you fly fellas – for a surefire hip-hop-R&B smash.

Ciara said: “The energy of the record is so dope, and it’s really for the ladies, and Nicki she just killed the verse.”

The Goodies singer compliments Nicki on her throw-back style: “She literally murdered it, like she got that throw-back, that thing that she does that’s so special. She went in.”

The ‘Oh’ singer has collaborated with the Super Bass rapper for the song on her new self-titled album.

Ciara said: “The energy of the record is so dope, and it’s really for the ladies, and Nicki just killed the verse.”

The ‘Goodies’ singer also teased that there could be a second Nicki collaboration appearing on the final track-listing for her next album.

The Austin, Texas beauty said: “It’s looking like it, she’s actually finishing up one now that’s, really it’s a monster too.”

Ciara waxes lyrical: “The moments that we have had so far have just been crazy. It’s just been magical, it’s something special and I feel like the fans have always wanted to see she and I rock together.”

Nicki confirmed she is preparing to head back into the recording studio to work on her third studio album.

Hollaaaa at ya grrrl.. j’adore the tough grrrl feminist lyrics too.

“I-I-I’m the shit
With no makeup
Don’t have to curl my hair up
All this booty here mine
I-I graduate with honors
I ball Nate O’ Conner
I did a freestyle then I got a shout-out from Obama
Yes, Yes I am ill
I go in for the kill
I know I’m cute
I know I’m fly
You ask me why
‘Cause I’m the shit”

Ciara’s self-titled album is due for release on 5th July.

Darling Nicki.. you continue to DARK it. Love your work.