Mylo: Creamfields is the start of my comeback trail

Posted on 17 August 2009
By Andy Johnson, Purple Revolver
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Dance hero Mylo has promised to come back from the musical wilderness with a ‘pyschologically disturbing’ visual show at Creamfields.

Drop The Pressure was a huge dancefloor filler which heralded him as the King of the bedroom producers.

But that was back in 2005 and in the years since he broke out he’s been usurped as King of the bedroom producers by fellow Scot Calvin Harris.

The softly-spoken Oxford philosophy graduate is currently hard at work on an un-named new album (due out in September) and re-thinking his live act.

The Destroy Rock & Roll producer told how he has been locked away like a musical hermit, digging deep into his £50,000 vinyl collection for inspiration.

Drwaing images from obscure horror films which Mylo admitted he used to stay up and watch on TV as a teenager in the ‘hope of seeing some tits.’

The Scottish star said he wants to play some of the new record, (due out in September) but will also pull out a few classics to please the August Bank Holiday crowd at Daresbury.

Mylo, 31, said Creamfields is the biggest event in dance music and promised an extra special visual show with his collaborator The Phantom.

He added: “I’m really excited for Creamfields, it’s the biggest stage for dance music and the crowd is the best.

“I’m going to bring a huge live show this year and throw everything I’ve got at it.

“It will be a mix of the old and new music. But I need to re-think some of the live elements to make it really fresh.

“I’m meeting my mate The Phantom and talking through some mad, visual ideas with him.

“I’m having regular pint meeting with him to discuss his most frightening ideas – a melody of bizarre images and pyschologically disturbing faces – its gonna be intense.

“The Phantom’s a big fan of classic sci-fi horror movies, so they will be be getting an airing.

“I really enjoy obscure 70s horror films like The Tool Box Murders.

“They’re really evocative for people of my generation because it’s the kind of thing you used to stay up till 3am to watch on Channel 4 in the hope of seeing some tits.

“It’s really quite intense to see something like that now.”

The Scots star plays the Creamfields mainstage on Saturday, August, 29 and said he wants to camp out to see the upcoming talent on show including Deadmau5 and also fired a subtle warning to Calvin Harris.

“Someone suggested I should have a mix-off battle to see who’s Top of the Scots with Calvin Harris, but he know’s who will win…”