Ms Henrik releasing new single Banshee this month

Posted on 10 November 2016
By Khyle Deen
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The androgynous Swedish act Ms. Henrik has been the talk of the town with his signature glam look and Oscar- esque 90’s glitzy hipster pop vibe.

‘Banshee’ is his new single and in short: it is a fun track that will have one’s head moving. It won’t be because of its intensity. It’ll be because of its laid back yet groovy backbone. Ms. Henrik’s sound rightfully reflects his individuality which is not in-your-face in any way. It just is, straight forward, unapologetic, and surprisingly easy-listening.

As the sonic comparisons vary between Sundara Karma, Oscar, Matiaz Tellez and even Friendly Fires, it’s interesting how everyone hears such variety of influences in this simple and unperturbed piece of music.

Together with the album called ‘Fake and Copy’ the single ‘Banshee’ will be out on the 18th November via Birds Records.