Moroccan Canadian pop rising star Satya unveils music video for single In Trouble

Posted on 20 February 2021
By Khyle Deen
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After opening the year with her long awaited and highly anticipated new single ‘IN TROUBLE’, which was supported by Spotify on their New Music Friday Canada and Fresh Finds: Pop playlists and broke into the ADISQ BDS Top 100 charts in Montreal, up and coming Moroccan Canadian singer and songwriter SATYA is taking things up a notch with its captivating new music video, building on her last single ‘Maybe We Should’, which charted at #30 on the Mediabase CHR Top 40, and recent support from Popdust, Earmilk and CelebMix, among others.

Produced by five-time SOCAN Award winning DJ and producer Domeno, ‘In Trouble’ is a glorious pop record with lush electronic and dance music sensibilities, which highlights Satya as the future pop star she is, as the Montreal native shines through with her warm yet commanding vocal performance, over the infectious bass driven pop-dance musical backdrop.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘In Trouble’, Satya says, “this song is about finding true love but also feeling like you could be in trouble because you’ve lost control. ‘In Trouble’ means a lot to me because I never expected to find this kind of honest and genuine love. This is first and foremost what I wish people the most. I wish they find the love they deserve, that they find someone who will make them shine”.

Abandoned at birth in Morocco, Satya was dealt a bad hand very early on, but being adopted and brought to live in Canada changed her life. She fell in love with singing and performing at a very young age, but that soon gave way to very tough school years, which saw Satya, who was bullied for the colour of her skin, go to excessive lengths to be accepted by her peers. She was feeling lonely and sometimes lost, but always had hope that somehow someway, she could be happy and free.

Battling addiction and its demons, Satya tried to take her own life at the age of 18 – that marked a turning point in her life and with the help of her family, she began rehab treatment and slowly started to find her way back and rekindled with her love and passion for music along the way.

Today, her warm and emotive voice, her courageous message of hope and perseverance, and the groovy rhythm of her music, reveal a strong and powerful young woman.

According to Satya, “we are all survivors of what we have experienced, but our past does not define us. We own our futures”, and it is this message and her story that she shares with other young people all over the world, in the hopes of helping them with their own struggles. “Life is not always easy, but we have to push through harder times because the sun always shines on the other side. Let’s be kind to ourselves and one another we never know what someone else is going through”, she adds. Satya’s big dream? Success with music to allow her to help out even more and give back to youth and society.