Mix-tape Monday: Elisabeth Blair – Epic Destinations

Posted on 30 July 2012
By Elisabeth Blair
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Vaudevillian artist-musician Elisabeth Blair created an exclusive Mix-tape Monday for Purple Revolver, to be played on journeys to epic destinations.

Elisabeth said: “The theme is epic strings.”

“Strings can be insidious, building a song subtly until you find yourself in an epic place, standing blithely on some precipice.”

“So, music for precipice-standing: The medieval ‘ars subtilior’ movement produced dark, startlingly modern songs, and Ensemble P.A.N. performs them brilliantly on their album Ars Magis Subtiliter: Secular Music of the Chantilly Codex.”

She shares a love of German film composer and music producer Hans Zimmer with Quentin Tarantino. Zimmer’s works are notable for integrating electronic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements.

Elisabeth said: “Jumping to a pseudo-Victorian world, Hans Zimmer’s gypsy-violin-riddled soundtrack for the first Sherlock Holmes film is half-crazed. A desolate pioneer landscape runs through Sam Amidon’s gorgeous album All Is Well (particularly in the majesty of Saro and the quiet fuming anger of Fall On My Knees), and Yann Tierson’s Le Phare is a buzz of displaced-in-time frenetic climbing and seeking.”

“Finally, Andrew Bird’s draped, mountainous Weather Systems (especially its namesake song) is clearly from a country and century of its own.”

Mix-tape Monday – Epic Destinations Playlist by Elisabeth Blair:
i. Ars Magis Subtiliter: Secular Music of the Chantilly Codex, by Ensemble P.A.N.
ii. Sherlock Holmes Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer
iii. All Is Well by Sam Amidon
iv. Le Phare by Yann Tierson
v. Weather Systems by Andrew Bird