Megan Nash shares 80s jazzercize-inspired video for track titled Quiet

Posted on 18 February 2021
By Khyle Deen
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As 2020 closed, Canadian songwriter Megan Nash resurfaced for the first time in three years with the softness of ‘Artifact’. This year, she unveiled her latest track ‘Quiet’ which is now complete with an accompanying video, out now.

Since her 2017 album Seeker (Acronym Records), Megan has endured the adversities of life which has been the inspiration for her new music. She says, the music was written “in moments of reflection during years of whirlwind romance, gut wrenching heartbreak, reviving friendships, and life-saving dog love.”

‘Quiet’, Megan’s latest track, is about lost love; being deserted by a partner in the southern plains of Saskatchewan, Canada. “What an unforgiving horizon Saskatchewan has. It can really draw out a goodbye,” says Megan. “‘Quiet’ was born out of heartbreak and I hope it serves as an anthem for the lonely, the one left behind.”

When on stage, Megan is joined by her performing outfit The Best of Intentions. Despite its antithesis to the heartbreak at the root of the track, ‘Quiet’ is one of their favourite tracks to play live. “The lyrics are personal and heavy for me yet I want to dance when we play it on stage. It contains two truths – life is pain and life is a party,” she says. The music video bubbles with energy being a how-to-guide on keeping fit on tour. The video shows the group performing their spritely keep-fit in colourful spandex – a revival of 80s jazzercize.