Manchester’s Richard Lomax announces new single Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Posted on 1 March 2016
By Khyle Deen
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Woe betide any music critic that tries to keep up with Lomax, his sonic dreams and spasms of surrealist eccentricity: in 2014 he wrote a new song a week, released every seven days. It’s this addicting ingenuity-filled, exploration of human values that makes Richard Lomax’s work so triumphant. Magnificent choruses gather themselves around impeccable vocals, curious choices of instrumentation, and invigorative rhythm.

Lyrically, thrilling storytelling meanders between narrative monologue, delivered with deftly-precise, moreish intonation.

A hyper-observant author, Lomax’s ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ pens the struggle of heart vs. head in a swirling display at the confluence of mildly rocking baroque pop and blazing riffs.

As Richard puts it, “Straightforward logic doesn’t do justice to the sheer visceral thrilling terror of falling in love (or in lust). ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ was in-part inspired through science as our bodies react to the floods of chemicals that sex can produce which can be confused (or indeed be described) as ‘love’.

The emotions we experience surrounding love and sex can be somewhat attributed in to chemical processes, but it’s a case of an untrustworthy narrator as the song explores the desperation of someone trying and failing to convince themselves they are not in love, by holding up logic and chemical reactions as a shield or alibi against love.”

It’s Lomax’s intonation that makes his music obscenely charming, his unforced delivery and poetic jib. Influences are collected from everyone and everywhere, tying imagination into intense live shows and a no-holds-barred approach to unconventional instruments.

Richard Lomax’ recent single ‘I Cycle’ was released on 19 February, and sophomore album, ‘Postcards & Love-letters (From Somewhere You’ve Never Heard Of)’ is currently in production.

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Mon 21 March – Sound Food & Drink, LIVERPOOL
Thurs 31 March – The Cremorne, SHEFFIELD
Thurs 7 April – Mono, MANCHESTER **WOMD single launch**
Thurs 21 April – Sofar Sounds, SHEFFIELD