Liverpool’s Zanzibar Club champions new music with NVMDs first gig

Posted on 21 October 2017
By Ben Harding
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Following a build up all over their social media, NVMD brought together a blend of original songs with some specially picked covers to create a gig unlike no other. For their first gig, the stage presence held by these boys was phenomenal.

The NVMD boys were a group of college friends that, with the help of the HIVE Youth Zone created this group back in November 2016. Almost a year on and the boys feel that they were ready to take the Liverpool music scene by storm, and they did just that on the 14 th of October. Blending Artic Monkeys with their original content made way for the audience to erupt onto the dancefloor and not stop until the gig stopped.

Purple Revolver caught up with the Wirral-based four piece, and here’s what they had to say:

PR: So, NVMD, it’s your first gig tonight, how are we feeling?

NVMD’s Sam: Bricking it

Ryan: Yep, really nervous.

PR: Firstly, why NVMD, why N-V- M-D, what’s the reasoning?

Ryan: Erm, well, my story for that is me and Nick where in HMV and we saw a thing for ‘Never mind the Bollocks’, and I thought it said ‘Never mind the Blossoms’, and Nick was like ‘No. It says Bollocks. So I was like ‘Nevermind sounds like a good name’, but our producer advised us that it was too close to the album and we should change it to NVMD, so we did.

Nick: So, yeah, basically I kinda feel like its sort of an attitude as well and just like, erm, ‘nevermind’, if stuff goes wrong

Ryan: We take the p*ss out of it constantly

Nick: Yeah, I mean, when Ryan said we should be called Nevermind, I was like ‘this is a great opportunity for puns’. Get it in there just for the puns, just ‘cause like nevermind

Ryan: it’s like ‘Wait wheres Nick? Oh he’s on a Uni date, nevermind’

PR: How did we all meet then?

NVMD: All: College

Ed: Smokers

Ryan: We met our drummer through Sam, as he knew him before anyone else

Sam: Yeah, because I used to kick flip every one of his long boards

Nick: I was in a band when I started college, with like two other guys and it was sort of like an Indie band, but that, sort of, stopped happening. And then, me and, err, this other guitarist started another band and got these few involved and got in the drummer. Then we realised the other guitarist, was erm…

Ryan: Too metal

Nick: Yeah, he just wasn’t really working for us creatively, so it was like ‘you’ve gotta go’ and that’s how NVMD started really.

Ryan: We are a completely separate band to what we were in November, but I feel we have a better chemistry going on, like we’ve written so many better songs since we’ve been just the four of us, compared to five.

PR: Speaking of original songs, I expect some will be played tonight?

NVMD: Ryan: Yep, definitely!

Sam: All of them!

Nick: All five!

PR: Okay and is there anywhere on the internet that we can find these songs?

Sam: No

Ryan: One is on youtube at the moment, but it’s a really crap version of it right now, but erm, we’re gonna be recording and we’ll have it on iTunes and Spotify and stuff but I think we’re gonna be recording more YouTube videos as well but it’s really all in the making at the mo’.

Nick: We’re tryna get ourselves out there a bit more

Ryan: We need to jam a bit more

PR: What do you guys expect to be doing this time next year?

NVMD: Ryan: Hopefully, playing. I mean, I dunno, yano, early days isn’t it

Nick: We’re just gonna, like, see what happens after this, basically.

Sam: Hopefully still in college!

PR: What’s your plan for five years time then?

NVMD: Sam: I don’t even have a plan for tomorrow, NVMD five years!

Ryan: Five more songs!

Ed: Yep!

PR: Could LIMF be on the cards for you guys next year?

Sam: Maybe, potentially

Ryan: That’d be great

Sam: Nick doesn’t know about that because he’s too indie for it

Ryan: Have you not seen his haircut?

Ed: Nick wouldn’t go to LIMF, Nicks from Parkgate!

Ryan: I reckon LIMF would be a good opportunity for us, I’d love to play some outdoor stuff

Nick: Yeah, that’d be nice yeah!

PR: Where can we catch up with all the NVMD gossip then?

Ed: Where’s the sign, man?

Ryan: Youtube is NVMDOfficial, Facebook is NVMD.BandUK and our Instagram is @Nevermindofficialband