Liverpool prepares for a very Peculiar evening this weekend

Posted on 17 April 2018
By Alley Richardson
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With the upcoming release of his 12th studio album, Vinny Peculiar is set to play at Liverpool’s Naked Lunch cafe, Smithdown Rd on Saturday 21st April.

Set in the Midlands, Return of the Native is a lyrical journey into the past through the re-engagement with the area that Vinny grew up in.

Bringing each story to life with humour, soulful reminiscences and The Mob.

If the sad tale of the battle re-enactment ghost who comes back to find his love has married the undertaker in Blackpole doesn’t get you then the wrong flight taken by Eminem which leads him into the hands of the Mob surely will.

It’s a daring rescue by P.Diddy but it all kicks off in Detroitwich.

Vinny’s touching tribute to The Singing Schoolteacher Clifford T Ward (singer/songwriter) as he recalls their walk to school on the very last day, where Vinny would go on to college and Clifford would go on to be a popstar but ultimately both would be free.

No stranger to working with some hearty musicians, topping the list are ex-members of the Smiths, Oasis and Aztec Camera.

Teaming up with Oasis rhythm guitarist Bonehead they wrote and recorded as Parlour Flames in 2013.

With this album in the bag there’s hopes for an album tour in the autumn.

The album is set for release on 4th May and long time fans will not be disappointed and for new fans it’s nothing short of a beautiful beginning.

Not one to slow the pace there’s talk of a new album in the works, one that will be in complete opposition these rich sounds.

A noisy rock album with “less words, more guitars”

With the forthcoming gig on Saturday evening he say he’s “looking forward to Liverpool, it’s been a long time”

Tickets on sale at £7
Doors open at 19:00