Little Destroyer’s love is unconditional on new glitch-rock single Love and Anarchy

Posted on 15 June 2022
By Khyle Deen
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LITTLE DESTROYER are a fierce and weird noisy alt-rock band from Vancouver who like to tell it straight.

Following on from their last single HITMAN, the trio return with their exhilarating new track LOVE AND ANARCHY, a full-throttle nosedive into the bliss of unconditional love, which comes alongside a leather-clad, basement jamboree music video.

The Canadian three piece fill every room with as much energy, spit and spectacle as humanly possible and apply this same ethos to their music. In ‘love and anarchy’, we can witness Little Destroyer doing just this. In a sound that is simultaneously reminiscent of Sonic Youth and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the new single beams in their own brand of glitch-rock with pummelling basslines, heavily-saturated drums and dazzling synths. All the while, frontwoman Allie Sheldan’s knockout vocals glide seamlessly throughout to the track’s haunting close.
Where their last single ‘hitman’ was a forthright commentary on women being subjects of the male gaze, ‘love and anarchy’ tilts to the other end of the stick, celebrating unconditional love and the journey that takes you to it. About the track, Allie says:

“I think love as a liberator is a radical idea because so much of our learned behaviour around love is to be possessive, scared, insecure. There’s a big difference between conditional and unconditional. As somebody who’s always had a really complicated relationship with relationships, it took crashing head first into a rock bottom before I did the work to learn how to love unconditionally. This song is a thank you to, and celebration of, the people (and person) who helped me get there, and still be here.”

The video for the track was an inspired mash-up of the visual workings of The Ramones and Undertones, directed by Wayne Moreheart and featuring all of their friends. Allie says, “What better way to capture the feeling of a song about love and anarchy then to have a bunch of your best friends and family go fkn crazy around you while you lovingingly serenade them?”

Allie speaks unapologetically on feminism and empowerment. Allie, along with brothers Chris and Michael Weiss, are multi-instrumentalists who grew up playing in punk, psych, and rock and roll bands, later venturing into alt-pop, inspired by Soulwax Night Versions & Charli XCX. Here for a good time and apparently also for a long time, even after a number of particularly crushing years of blow after blow from the music industry, they’re still happily grinding away.

Love and Anarchy is available now across all streaming services.