Legendary Metal Man Michael Schenker Ready To Rock Liverpool

Posted on 21 January 2016
By Chris High
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One of Heavy Rock music’s legendary guitarists, former Scorpions mainstay Michael Schenker, is all set to return to the Liverpool Academy on Tuesday January 26th as a part of his Michael Schenker Temple of Rock: Spirit on a Mission Tour, which will feature songs from the Axe Maestro’s new album along with a selection of classic Rock masterpieces from the past 4 Decades.

Michael Schenker is a name which inspires delight amongst fans of first-class hard guitar rock because, after all, the list of his successes is so extensive. As a young man he lent his very special sound, together with his brother Rudolf, to the Scorpions, which later made the band one of the first real international hard rock stars from Germany. In the 70s, he similarly helped the British rock legends U.F.O. to their definitive breakthrough, turning songs like “Rock Bottom” and “Doctor, Doctor” into hits everyone knows.

Briefly returning to the Scorpions, Michael’s collaboration helped create possibly the bands best album, “Lovedrive”, which includes the perennial ballads “Holiday”, “Loving You Sunday Morning” and “Always Somewhere”. In 1980 it was time for the blonde guitarist to go it alone and form the first band of his own, the Michael Schenker Group.

Now, after extensive touring, which has seen the band perform in the USA,Michael Schenker returns with his latest group – Temple of Rock – to add a new jewel to his creative work, Spirit on a Mission, which has produced so many surprises your senses will be overwhelmed. Bringing together Michael Schenker’s past and present perfectly, and none more so than on Powerhouse numbers from the new album such as “Vigilante Man” and “Live and Let Live”, Spirit on a Mission is – as hailed by one critic upon its release in 2015 – “Layer upon layer piece of music intensity, of unhindered emotion channelled through the anger and volume of a life truly lived and with no compromise available.”

Scottish vocalist supreme Doogie White takes the microphone at The Academy and, in doing so, makes the songs soar to new heights of power and resonance outstandingly suited to the punchy and compelling new tracks. Whether listening to the unadorned, melodious hard rock exemplified by “Saturday Night” or “How Long”, as well as those on “With You”, the new album is largely distinguished by an immense enthusiasm for playing the guitar and its rich variety is ridiculously well suited for the inferno of the live arena.

Featuring songs from this glorious new album, plus classics from Michael’s amazing MSG, UFO and Scorpions back catalogue, Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock: Spirit on a Mission Gig at the Liverpool 02 Academy on Tuesday January 26th, is definitely not one to be missed.

Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock: Spirit on a Mission Tour is at The Liverpool o2 Academy on Tuesday January 26th, 2016. For tickets: www.thegigcartel.com or 0844 478 0898