La Faute prepares us for her new album, with the release of single titled The Crown

Posted on 27 April 2023
By Khyle Deen
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La Faute prepares for the release of her album ‘Blue Girl Nice Day’ by treating us with another single, ‘The Crown’, out now.

Self-described overthinker and undersharer from the chilly prairies of Canada, art school dropout and Sony Music Publishing artist La Faute (aka Peggy Messing) is releasing her third single, ‘The Crown’ from her upcoming debut album.

La Faute’s musical style falls under the indie dream pop, alternative folk and singer/songwriter categories, allowing Messing to bend genres and formulate her own. Citing artists such as Mitski, Lana Del Rey, Chet Baker and Massive Attack as musical influences, to name a few, Messing’s newest single ‘The Crown’ is a hypnotic embodiment of all of these styles and influences.

Messing describes her inspiration for the track, “This song could be from the point of view of someone haunting, or being haunted. That feeling of déjà vu, that you’ve been somewhere before, maybe in a dream, maybe a past life…I had a dream where someone I loved who had died was alive, and mad at me that I had missed their birthday. In my dream they had been living in another city for years and hadn’t thought to get in touch. This was my secret hope, that maybe they’d faked their death and were really alive, walking around somewhere else. I woke up feeling bad that I hadn’t bought them a present, and angry that they hadn’t mentioned they were still alive, which was honestly in character. I think about memories and ghosts and how maybe they are the same thing.”

On the video, she says: “I made the video using found footage from a cult classic public domain film called ‘Carnival of Souls’ starring Candace Hilligoss, directed by Herk Harvey. In the film, Mary wanders around but can’t figure out why she’s sometimes invisible and inaudible to others. She starts being haunted by strange visions and by the end of the film (spoilers ahead) we realize that she has actually died in a car crash and it has perhaps been her ghost that we have been watching the whole time. The cover art for the single is a still from the video, a woman from the back unzipping or zipping her dress, her hand contorted behind her to reach the zipper. I like it as a metaphor for slipping into or out of an identity, or a soul and a body.”

“Haunted piano ballad with elements of ethereal folk and dream pop with a bit of a Weyes Blood quality in the air”

“Drenched in gauzy rhythms and melodic vagaries…”

“…blends classic, guitar-driven folk with shoegazer-like textures.”

“…captivating and sympathetic vocals”

“…hauntingly beautiful tune that will captivate you while it envelops you in sound and emotion…
This is a stop-you-in-your-tracks song.”

La Faute (the mistake, in French) is Messing’s dark, dreamy solo project. A visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter originally from Winnipeg, Canada, she explores themes of surface vs. depth, longing, betrayal, mourning and desire. Using a 4 string tenor electric guitar and obsolete hardware samplers, she created her captivating live show and released her debut EP just before the pandemic. She’s focused on creation, and solutions to the problem of isolation by connecting with fellow artists and producers in France, the UK, Canada and the US, most recently with LA-based Topher Mohr who produced her upcoming album.

‘The Crown’ is out now, with the debut album ‘Blue Girl Nice Day’ dropping on 26th May 2023.