Kimbra releases new single 90s Music and says her biggest influence is teenage nostalgia

Posted on 21 May 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Kimbra has released a single from her up and coming album ‘Golden Echo’ and says one of her biggest inspirations is 90s music.

The single is fittingly named ’90s music’ in which Kimbra repeats ‘Everyday be listening to 90s music.’

The song was announced after the Billboard awards.

The singer has a long list of inspirations from the 90s that helped her create her music.

“It talks about sharing music as a kid and falling in love to a soundtrack of TLC, Mariah, Nirvana, and Michael Jackson, then slowly growing up and away from that period of time,”

Those who lived through the 90s or grew up in the 90s will understand the feeling of nostalgia when the bouncy, pop-ish songs are played back and this feeling of nostalgia is something that Kimbra wants to express through her song.

‘I put innovation on a pedestal for this record. I wanted to break ground sonically, take a lot of the ideas I’d been inspired by and eat them up and spit them out in my own way while still writing pop songs,’

The song features artists such as Muse frontman Matt Bellamy who plays the guitar in the song, and Foster the People Vocalist Mark Foster also chirps in on the catchy chorus.

The singer is mostly known for her vocals on Gotye’s hit single ‘Somebody That I Used To Know.’ back in 2012. This song gained the singers a Grammy award that year.

The singer recently expressed how she wants to change the way women are portrayed in the music industry and how she wants to challenge this image creatively.

And after discovering this shared passion with R&B artist Janelle Monae, the two decided to go out on tour together.

‘A lot of female artists in the music industry now are just seen as sex symbols, and we both feel strongly about showing beauty in a different way and showing creativity in a different way.’

Her new album, The Golden Echo is due to be released this August and she is currently on tour with Janelle Monae in Australia.