KidBrother release debut single “Angst”

Posted on 19 March 2015
By Lewis Ridley
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London-based four-piece, KidBrother are Jamie Carrington (vocals), Dan Stocks (guitar), Ffin Colley (bass/vocals) and Sam Knight (drums/vocals). Growing up together on the Isle of Man, the band eventually upped roots and moved from the sleepy island to the big city of London.

After years of playing in various bands together and touring the UK and Europe extensively, they have honed their skills as song-writers and musicians meaning although the band is a new endeavour, their live show is filled with style and confidence.

Their shared life-changing experience has provided inspiration for their up-coming, self-titled debut EP, which is overflowing with real-life emotion and passion.

Each and every member shared the same dream and was completely dedicated to the task in hand and after months of rehearsing they’re ready and raring to go out and show the UK scene what they’re capable of.

Their debut single, “Angst” has to power to blow you away. It’s a track so clearly the product of dedication and passion that it is immediately difficult not to like. The contrast between the two vocalists brings with it a freshness and a fire matched by the superb Dan Stocks on guitar, whose chords seem to compliment everything around it not least so the crashing drums of Sam Knight.

It’s a furious reflection of the aforementioned endeavour that these lads have shown either separately or together over the years and their EP is sure to progress from this track into something really special.
There are elements of punk to heavy metal from KidBrother which is bound to attract a huge amount of attention and support.

For a debut single to shout from the rooftops like “Angst” has done is ambitious, and many have unjustifiably done so in the past. But the consensus around this band is that they warrant a place on the highest rooftop with the loudest amps, and they’ve not even got started yet.

The debut single, “Angst” will be released on Monday 30th March 2015.