Kasabian announce a Leicester date for a homecoming show

Posted on 20 January 2014
By Ryan Walker
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Kasabian are set to headline their homecoming gig at Leicester’s Victoria Park on Saturday 21st June.

The gig will crown them as the rightful kings of Leicester, showcasing their highly-anticipated new album which will combine the usual elements of electronic rock and alternative anthems.

The general sale invasion that was opened for public hunger was soon fed following the hysterical demand for tickets; once again adding to the sheer climax of the gig, and also the amount of energy materialized in the faces of all those screaming fans.

Kasabian have come a long way since their self-titled debut, which was unfairly categorized as indie-rock. The bands follow-up albums, as a result of their debut, aimed to transform the crowd into something otherworldly – more of a rave visible from outer-space than a rock gig in a field.

Performing with a harsh punk-rock like attitude, the frontman Tom Meighan and chief song smith Sergio Pizzorno allow their presence to elevate back and forth between the frightening, the feared and the ferocious.

Their 5th album, which is still untitled, will be the impeccable platform for the Leicester lads to assault the audience with all their talent.

Merging elements of Nirvana, Kanye West and The Prodigy into one cauldron, the influences alone give enough reason enough to attend their upcoming gig.

Perhaps this could be the gig for Kasabian. Just as Oasis did with Knebworth, or indeed Green-Day at Mudstock in 1994; the footage remains sure but the feeling within grows stronger as the memories never fade.

The more they focus and apply themselves to the legend the more chance they will have of being preserved in the archives of the past. But it requires participation from fans in all walks of life in to assure the legacy of the lads from Leicester stays oh so strong.