Josh Wheatley strikes again with euphoric new single Chemicals (Stream)

Posted on 26 October 2017
By Khyle Deen
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In the age of music on demand we are blessed with so much, perhaps too much, choice on who to support, follow and listen to.

Singer/Songwriters have been churning out the tunes until we no longer know where to look and often when we do settle down to check on new talent it rarely satisfies as we would like. When it comes to Josh Wheatley, however, this issue never seems to arise. Now on his third single, this cherubic looking and sounding 21 year old from Nottingham keeps on presenting more assured and gratifying music with each and every release.

Having notched up support from eclectic tastemakers and industry folk alike from Clash to Radio 2, Music Week to The National Student, Josh Wheatley is fast becoming a contender to walk in the pantheons of the greats in British music.

On the new single Josh explains, “Chemicals, to me, is about the base instincts of attraction. The ideas of the brain emitting neurotransmitters which change mood so heavily. Thin the blood, expand the pupils and change the body so drastically. The thing I like most about the track is that the production is so juxtaposed to the lyrics. The sterile outlook on love silhouetted against brash, big guitars and lush synths.”

His musical obsessions ranging from Dan Croll & Haim to Death Cab For Cutie & Rhodes. This dark and brooding songwriter is carving out a lyrical prowess when it come to matters of the heart and soul with a knowing empathy rarely found in someone so young.

With such a keen ear for melody and what it takes to make a great song it’s no wonder that Josh gave up on his University path towards a career in law.

Continue to follow Josh as ‘Chemicals’ is the catalyst to the bright future he fully deserves.