Jonny Woolnough previews his vibrant debut album Mayurqa with the soaring new single A Fish Upon A Line’

Posted on 3 November 2021
By Khyle Deen
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Following on from the enormous success and praise for his recently shared efforts ‘A.A. Gill’, ‘2666 (Love Is On Its Way)’, ‘You’ve Got That Look’ and ‘Mayurqa’ in recent months, fast-rising singer and songwriter Jonny Woolnough continues the support for his highly-anticipated debut album, also called ‘Mayurqa’, with the soaring new effort ‘A Fish Upon A Line’.

Channelling a sweet and atmospheric direction on this new offering, ‘A Fish On A Line’ showcases more of the new record’s more tranquil and endearing moments. With its light and euphoric production, subtle piano-led composition, and his own powerfully distinctive voice leading the charge, his newest gem marks a rich and powerful addition to his forthcoming full-length, and delivers one truly magical experience throughout.

Speaking about ‘A Fish On A Line’, Jonny said, “It was an attempt to write a classic Gershwin-esque ballad. It’s metaphorical, choosing between giving up or carrying on, life and death. The chords are beautiful.”

Originally written and conceived whilst living between mainland Spain and Palma De Mallorca during 2018/19, his new album ‘Mayurqa’ documents a self discovery and emotional rebuilding of sorts. Jonny took an indefinite break from making music after forming the critically acclaimed bands Tomartyrs and The Bazaars, and as touring guitarist for Finley Quaye. ‘Mayurqa’ constantly hints at its place of conception, yet draws its deft, classic beauty from Woolnoughs obvious deep pallet of influence.

Having studied Literature at university, this new full-length sees him take regular influence from his literary favourites, regularly paying homage to them in the track titles. The island of Mallorca also played a large part in inspiring his new collection, being the home to any number of literary and musical figures from writer Robert Graves and George Sand to Chopin and Listz.

With producer Tom Orrell at the helm the songs took on an exciting, sparse immediacy. Each song was briefly routined before pressing record and the song captured. Under Orrell’s forensic direction ‘The Natural’, a poem of visceral personal evocation and truth set to a musical Spanish vista bleeds seamlessly into the spiritual mantra of ‘The Earth From Above’. Orrell embraced all this, pushed it – understood it.

It was only when Woolnough finished the record and put the songs together he realised how desperate his life and mental state had become. ‘Mayurqa’ was effectively a love letter to the Island and the country that had housed him back to health describing the songs and the album as “a map out of despair into the light, focused through the lens and legend of Spain’s deep beauty and all its contradictions”.

In his Edificio Fenix apartment in Mallorca, Woolnough faced only himself and fought that toughest of life battles, the acceptance of one’s truth. “For me that is that I am an artist, I am a writer. Anything else is to dishonour the choice that was made for me aside of my control.”

The new single ‘A Fish Upon A Line’ is available now, while the new album ‘Mayurqa’ arrives on the 19th November. See the tracklist below.


The Soul Of The Runner
2666 (Love Is On The Way)
And All That’s Missing, Is The Muse
A.A. Gill
Ave, Ave
You’ve Got That Look
A Fish Upon A Line
The Sun Is The Only Feeling Like You
The Natural
The Earth From Above