Jam Studio: New Music Initiative Brings out Your Inner Prince

Posted on 24 October 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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Virtual reality content development and publishing initiative, Jam Studio, is the lovechild of Beamz Interactive, Inc. and HTC VIVE™.

The new interactive music app for Vive enables any music fan to play out their fantasy as either DJ or musician, regardless of musical abilities or experience. Jam Studio is available in Chinese, as well as English, on Steam and Viveport for $19.99.

Write or perform: the choice is yours

Users are able to both write and play music scores that sound professional with each performance. The app’s library comprises more than 20 tracks from a range of genres to cater for all tastes. Featured songs are those recorded by such superstars as Flo Rida, The Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus.

The English version also includes 13 Education and Health Care songs and games, a Life Skill and Therapy Overview Guide, and lessons that provide experiences and therapeutic exercises for users of all abilities.

A diverse range of additional interactive music, which includes Beamz Original Song bundles, Build Your Own, Learning, Popular Artists, and Disney, will also go on sale soon, available through in-app purchases.

VR is here to stay

Vive games, such as Jam Studio, can be bought on Steam using a number of currencies, including Bitcoin. It seems that Bitcoin is gaining popularity as a method of purchase of online gaming content, with a number of retailers, such as Game Overload and BitGamers, all accepting the digital currency.

In the entertainment industry in general, Bitcoin has been enjoying much success in recent years. Some brands, Vegas Casino, for instance, have decided to offer their services exclusively in Bitcoin.

Enabling players to take advantage of the welcome bonuses and numerous popular games for a range of skills levels and bankrolls. With numerous great offers such as 50 free spins no deposit.

One-of-a-kind music experience

Beams Interactive CEO, Charlie Mollo, described their goal as to develop an entire genre of gaming applications and interactive music that takes full advantage of VR technology. Using their IP position and advanced synchronisation and triggering technology, they can develop a one-of-a-kind interactive music experience that makes it exciting and easy to engage music fans from beginner to advanced, from 9 to 90 years old.

A New way of creating music

Vive Studios VP Joel Breton said that the software is cutting edge when it comes to VR’s music gaming apps and interactive music. He said that the app, which he described as family-friendly, will pave the way for a new method of creating and experience music in virtual reality.

Beamz Interactive

Beamz develops state-of-the-art interactive music products and technology used in mixed and virtual reality, gaming applications, special needs, healthcare, education, and music.


HTV VIVE is a VR platform unlike anything that has been seen before, developed and optimised for true-to-life interactions and room-scale VR.