Izzy S.O sugarcoats heartbreak with kicky noughties single titled Lost The Feeling

Posted on 22 June 2022
By Khyle Deen
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A fresh and new force to be reckoned with, multi-faceted singer-songwriter Izzy S.O captivates listeners with her anthemic tone and lyrical originality.

The London-based artist is quickly building a reputation on the live circuit for her signature poetic lyricism, as she fearlessly touches down in the indie music space. Following on from her debut single ‘Flirting With Strangers’ earlier this year, Izzy S.O’s ‘Lost The Feeling’ is available now via Silent Kid Records.

Exploring an alternative blend of tinged rock, soft punk, and indie, Lost The Feeling showcases Izzy S.O’s songwriting prowess and channels the aesthetics of the nineties/noughties alternative pop scene and paying homage to the likes of Avril Lavigne & Alanis Morissette. Izzy’s unique songwriting displays the careful touch of a skilled articulator, showcasing a mature capacity for storytelling that transports listeners out of their surroundings and into her own emotional experience. With a voice loaded in emotion and power, Izzy S.O plays on heavy guitar rhythms and soft melodies that will reverberate through your body for days.

The up and coming artist casts a light on the complex emotions attached to growing up while moving listeners through heartfelt tunes that give off a comforting sense of familiarity and warmth. For Izzy, ‘It’s about love and the understanding of another person and the positives that make it hard to let go of something that we know isn’t right. It’s the hope that for a few moments you can forget all the negativity and just see the other person for who they are underneath all the crazy life stuff.’

Raised in a household buzzing with musical expression and creativity, Izzy turned to poetry as an artistic outlet to process her emotions and experiences. This later transcended into her songwriting, and she began bringing her words to life through working with producer Dustin Dooley and writing with fellow creative Tadhg Daly at Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch.

Izzy S.O’s new single ‘Lost The Feeling’ is out now via Silent Kid Records. Her debut EP, ‘Can You Hear Me’ is due for release on 29th July 2022.