Iron Lines release debut single

Posted on 1 September 2016
By Khyle Deen
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After working with some of the most influential artists of this decade such as; Ed Sheeran, Bastille, James Bay and many more- Anthony Goldsbrough is no newbie to the music industry. Following writing, producing and collaborating with many different artists, Anthony has now emerged as an artist himself joined by songwriter and musical director Gavin Powell in this new project – Iron Lines.

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Unfortunately or fortunately these songs were only meant for these guys. It had developed so perfectly many major music publishers were stating: “you guys need to start a project, put it out there.” So this is the beginning of Iron Lines and the collaboration of Anthony and Gavin. Two gigs in at the famous Bedford in Balham stunned an audience that was rather large and very pleasant. Filled with industry professionals and music lovers. The guys had a blast. The stage was set.

Anthony and Gavin have seemingly always been 10ft from Stardom, they decided they want to be the guys telling their stories and sharing their experiences. With a newly recorded album in the pipeline, described as very diverse in terms of a solid and consistent sound, the guys aren’t worried about falling between the gaps of stereotypical ‘genres’.

The new single, Voices, is an honest and emotive piece in which the band has lyrically expressed a sentimental message, hoping the listeners will personally relate to. Hints of The Lumineers can be taken from the foot-tapping folky melody, which is combined with vocals similar to that of Imagine Dragons. As the track progressively builds, melodic backing vocals create a catchy chorus whilst keeping a simplistic rhythm – it works really well. The attitude is let the lyrics and music appeal to many ears, with clear influences from Simon and Garfunkel along with X Ambassadors.

‘Voices’ is available now on all of the usual places.

The name of the Project is a statement “that you need to be thick skinned and built to with stand criticism, knock backs and your lowest moment”.

Making the music has been an amazing experience to these guys, but now they want to share the music they’ve created.