I Am The Avalanche new album release – Wolverines

Posted on 8 January 2014
By Alicia Martin
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New York City rockers I Am The Avalanche have announced the release of their new album Wolverines.

The album follows the band’s acclaimed sophomore record Avalanche United and was produced by the band’s drummer Brett ‘The Ratt’ Romnes.

I Am The Avalanche have been gaining attention on both sides of ‘The Pond’ and they promise that Wolverines will be their most anthemic album to date.

The first track to be released, titled The Shape I’m In, was penned by singer Vinnie Caruana. The lyrics were inspired by a serious physical injury he sustained last year while on tour and the physical and emotional pain he had to overcome.

It’s a powerful record, a complete set of songs that each play a specific and vital part on the album. “I think it’s our most well thought-out and least rushed record,” says Caruana. “Times spent at rock bottom and also feelings of personal triumph have shaped what I feel is the perfect record for us as a band and for our supporters as well.”

Encompassing ten songs full of heart, ferocity, relentless passion and of course, struggle, Wolverines will be released on March, 18.