Hot Chip singer Valentina returns with haunting, electronic-pop single titled Love Myself

Posted on 4 September 2023
By Khyle Deen
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Following the success of her 2021 EP ‘Nature’, The former Hot Chip and Kano vocalist Valentina makes her much awaited return with new single ‘Love Myself’.

The beautifully simplistic track combines Valentina’s signature vocals over sombre electronic organ instrumentation and nuanced experimental soundscapes. Eery and melancholic; ‘Love Myself’ transcends its listener to a different spiritual plane, whilst the song’s honest and poignant lyrics are sung with an almost hymn-like quality.

‘I woke up one morning with such an intense feeling of loneliness that I wrote this song immediately. That doesn’t often happen to me that I wake up with it. But it was urging me to say it. The lines rolled out: I don’t wanna love myself I wanna be loved by someone else’

The current climate of female songwriting is continuously rising with themes of female independence and self-love – however Valentina juxtaposes this with a harrowing, heartbreaking and honest expression of wanting to be loved. This raw confession of seeking love at the expense of oneself is exactly the authenticity that solidifies Valentina as a voice for a generation of young women.

‘Sometimes you can admit things in songs that you can’t in real life. It wouldn’t feel right to say that you don’t want to love yourself or that you don’t particularly in that moment, but the feeling was so real I wanted someone to save me from my loneliness, I couldn’t be bothered to face it. And it brought up all the disappointment of the people I had been trying to find that love in.’

Valentina is a multi-faceted artist/producer and highly accomplished vocalist whose musical journey counts collaborations with UK heavyweights including Kano, Lil Silva, Hot Chip and Kindness among her accolades. Valentina is also known for her work with Joe Goddard writing and performing vocals on the highly acclaimed single, ‘Gabriel’.

“a gauzy electronic-pop sound that suggests Arthur Russell, Tirzah and Jamie xx, and feels more than fitting for the current moment.” – The Guardian

“Her hypnotic, hazy voice draws you in from the first verse.” – METAL

“The floaty vocals take you to another galaxy, somewhere far away from reality. It’s hauntingly beautiful.” – enfnts terribles

‘Love Myself’ is out now.