Have you heard of Baby Queen yet?

Posted on 27 September 2020
By Dana Andersen
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You may not have heard of her yet, but Baby Queen and her Baby Kingdom are getting set to take over the world.

Baby Queen, otherwise known as Bella Latham, has leapt into the music industry and taken it by surprise.

With only four songs out in the world, she already has a dedicated fanbase named the ‘Baby Kingdom’, many of these fans are members of group chats and whatsapp chats to support and talk about Baby Queen, and other related topics like Taylor Swift and Jodie Comer, two of Baby Queen’s main loves.

You don’t get a fanbase like that for anything though, four songs may not be many, but the grungy, anti-pop songs are relatable and honest for get Z and younger millennials, which has been missing from a lot of mainstream music for years now.

Baby Queen’s first single Internet Religion, released earlier this year, focuses around what its like growing up online, making friends on the internet, standards of beauty, and mental health, all with an upbeat and rebellious vibe.

Her most recent single, Pretty Girl Lie, features Bella being brutally honest about body issues, how we present ourselves online, and how much of a ‘pretty girl’ is actually a lie.

It’s easy to see how a musician so outspoken, genuine, and talented is rising so quickly.

Each song released so far also has a music video, each of which is well produced, interesting to watch, and has all the energy and attitude you expect after listening to the songs.

After releasing so many singles in such a short space of time, an EP is of course on the way.

The ‘Medicine’ EP is to be released on November sixth, featuring the four songs currently released, and two additional ones called ‘Want Me’ and ‘Online Dating’.

You can pre-order the EP now on both cassette and vinyl, and you can listen to Baby Queen’s music on Spotify and Apple Music.