Have you heard of Ashnikko Yet?

Posted on 6 November 2020
By Dana Andersen
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With the rise of WAP, it might not be as rebellious and outspoken to sing about female sexuality as it once was, unless you’re Ashnikko that is.

From her clearly anime inspired hair, right down to her often overdramatic and super sexualised outfits, Ashnikko doesn’t fit into any boxes.

Having recently gained popularity from the promotion of her music video for Daisy, combined with the song becoming popular on Tik Tok, this is surely the start of whats going to be an expansive and expressive career for the musician.

The 24 year old has already collaborated with the likes of Grimes, Yung Baby Tate, and Kodie Shane across two EP’s and several singles.

Fans are looking forward to hearing more of her unique sound. Filled with trap beats, beautiful vocal melodies, impressive raps, and punchy lyrics, you’re left wanting to hear more after every song.

Ashnikko has perfected being recognisable, while constantly mixing it up, growing, and doing the unexpected.

Her songs focus on empowering women, crossing into the realms of imagination very often, and creating an entire world around this character of Ashnikko, where listeners can be as fierce, crazy and unabashed as Ashnikko is all the time.

It’s been pointed out by many that Ashnikko’s songs are ‘crude’, ‘too much’, or even ‘disgusting’, but for many they represent a way in which women are not expected, or in some views allowed, to speak, and Ashnikko is simply breaking down those barriers and expectations of how woman should be.

Outside of that though, Ashnikko is making the music she wants to make, with little to no regard of how anyone outside of those who can relate to it may react, and thats what makes her music so strong.

She’s clearly having fun making her songs and music videos, when she’s sexualised in either its clearly her choice and not that of any producer or director, and that freedom to be herself is evident in the final product.

Her first album, being referred to as her mixtape, was originally scheduled for release on October 9th, but has been pushed back and is now expected to be released on November 13th.