half of a rainbow announces his new single titled “don’t give them what they want!!!”

Posted on 8 February 2023
By Khyle Deen
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half of a rainbow is the art-pop project of German musician Johannes Harder

In the tradition of home recording legends such as Sebadoh and Guided By Voices, he blends catchy pop melodies with his love for experimentation.

Growing up in the creative hub of Berlin, half of a rainbow has taught himself several instruments over the years and records his nostalgic art rock songs on cassettes, mostly on his own. His unique vintage sound can be heard on a series of singles due to be released in 2023.

Teasing the upcoming EP ‘the other half of the rainbow’, his new single ‘don’t give them what they want!!!’ is a Beatles-induced celebration of pop music – a lighthearted organic piece with figurative lyricism.

For the songwriter, it was completely new terrain, taking a step back from his usual writing style and instead utilizing words in a stream of consciousness.

“Normally I get inspired by certain words, and the rest comes second. This time, the words really stand behind the composition, and I see the song as an ode to the pure joys of music”, half of a rainbow states.

‘don’t give them what they want!!!’ is yet another stepping stone for the upcoming lo-fi artist and just
the beginning of a journey.

The single will be released on February 16 on all streaming platforms.