HAIM hope to inspire more girl groups

Posted on 10 October 2013
By Michelle Gondry
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The Californian trio of sisters who went to No 1 this week with their debut album Days Are Gone are now hoping they will inspire female fans to start up their own bands.

HAIM bassist Este Haim said: “More girls should pick up instruments.

“It would be really, really cool if they see us doing what we do and try out their own thing as a result.

“Women shouldn’t be afraid to play rock music. It’s disappointing that we’re still seen as a novelty.

“But it’s happening more often and it’s really exciting that we ladies are having our moment thanks to bands like Chvrches and Savages.

“Girls should be fearless and do it if it makes them happy.”

HAIM are topping the charts but just missed out on working with their heroes Arctic Monkeys after their album was made with the same producer James Ford.

Este, 27, recalled: “James knows we’re major Arctics fans and said: ‘You girls should sing backing vocals on their record.’

“I’m convinced he was joking around with us because he knew we were too busy to help and how frustrated that made us.

“It would have been such an honour if we could have helped the Arctics but I think James may just have been trying to get a rise from us.”

The girls did get to see a gold toilet made for Dr Dre, 48, while making the collection in LA with their other producer Ariel Rechtshaid, 34.

“It’s pretty much the most rock star thing I’ve ever seen.

“We all took a bunch of selfies with Dre’s toilet.”

Este and her sisters – singer/guitarist Danielle, 24, and keyboardist Alana, 21 – are happy to have their album out to justify winning January’s BBC Sound Of 2013 poll.

Este said: “We were removed from the hype because we were in LA starting on the album. This year has flown by so fast that it feels more like a minute.

“It feels like seven years, because we’ve done so much. It’s too crazy to take it all in.”