Habitat Canada returns with new single titled Fascination

Posted on 27 April 2023
By Khyle Deen
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Habitat Canada’s mesmerising new single ‘Fascination’ featuring LA funk duo Druzy is available now via DRRT Records. The record will be featured on their upcoming EP ‘Lunar Spectrum’ scheduled to drop in June 2023.

‘Fascination’ transports us back in time with the Druzy duo’s 80s inspired influence combined with the indie electronic sounds of Habitat Canada. This record perfectly encapsulates the nostalgic 80s aura with its grooves, and contrasts them with futuristic synthesising beats. In the track, Habitat Canada perfectly exemplifies his motto: “MUSIC INSPIRED BY A PAST VISION FOR THE FUTURE, CREATED IN THE PRESENT.”

Habitat Canada is an electronic feast for the ears from Montreal, Canada. Inspired visually by the concept of the noir movies of the 70s and 80s, and sonically by the dusty whaling groans of the infamous Prophet Synthesizer. Since his debut in 2021, Habitat Canada’s work has been well received by tastemakers all over the world and he continues to land on a broad range of playlists and online blogs, his music was featured in New York Post’s news docu-series and a Ford Motors commercial as well as other film projects. His latest work combines pulse and power with an atmosphere soaked in thrill and anticipation whilst paying homage to the soundscape of some of the 70s and 80s horror and sci-fi movies’ legendary soundtracks. The grit and tension are palpable in his productions, and although not much has been shared about his persona yet, by listening to his music one could guess that H-C has an energetic and retro personality. These qualities have so far drawn in the right audience as well as the right collaborators.

Influenced by artists including Vangelis, Kavinsky and HERO, Habitat Canada continues to create his synthwave sound. After the release of his song ‘Scarecrow’ ft. Rush Midnight, Habitat Canada explores the realm of retro futurism in his upcoming EP. ‘Fascination’ captures this essence while showing us the limitless nature of Habitat Canada’s skills.

Habitat Canada said of the process of making the track, “I started working on the track not long after meeting with Druzy for the 1st time (our first collab was entirely virtual due to the pandemic and being based on opposite sides of the country). We kicked it off on a rooftop in Downtown LA and I had a sound and image in mind. The song structure came pretty fast, the heavy drum and bass groove added with some industrial effects gave us a nice jolt of brightness to the darker sound palette on the EP. The team at DRRT sent it quickly to Druzy in hopes of doing a second collaboration together. We were all super excited about the result and couldn’t have asked for a better fit. Élizabeth Garthside teamed up with me one night in downtown Chinatown in Montreal to film me in the streets working my way to the Arcade where the idea was that I would be ‘meeting’ Druzy there by the end of the song to match the lyrics and the journey of the track.”

Druzy describes their collaboration on this record, “We love Habitat Canada‘s music and our previous collaboration, ‘Speed of Light’, was a pleasure to work on so it was an immediate yes to doing another collab with Nico. Especially when we got sent a track this good to write on! The music video was a great time, we rented a studio in DTLA that matched Nico’s vision and had fun. combined with HC’s footage, it feels like the perfect visual that encapsulates the sound and vibe of the song.”

‘Fascination’ ft. Druzy is out now, with the EP ‘Lunar Spectrum’ following in June 2023 via DRRT Records.


1. Scarecrow ft. Rush Midnight
2. Stiletto
3. Willow Tree
4. La Muse Rouge
5. Fascination