Gay Blades re-create John and Yoko nude Rolling Stone picture

Posted on 22 August 2009
By Purple Revolver
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Gay Blades Clark and Puppy have re-created the infamous John Lennon and Yoko Ono Rolling Stone cover – shot by Annie Leibowitz.

The outrageously candid photo was captured by Lucia Holm shows Clark curled up to a Puppy in the nude ahead of their performance at V Festival.

Purple Revolver took the trash-rock duo round the Beatles Story museum where they gatecrashed the Cavern stage and laid into Nickleback and White Denim.

The New York band boasts the lyrical terrorism fused with meliflous tones of Clark Westfield (guitar) and the pounding rhythms of Puppy Mills (drums).

Currently whipping up a storm on a US tour, The Gay Blades return to the UK for the V Festival.

We asked the boys some very highbrow questions, which they answered with equal erudition.

What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?

Clark: What’s the gayest thing we’ve ever done. One time for like four years everyday I was in a band called the Gay Blades.
Puppy: Me too
Clark: Top that!

Have you ever had a near-death experience?

Clark: I’ve been nearly electrocuted twice.
Puppy: I was gonna say that.
Clark: I was nearly electrocuted twice, I’ve been in car accidents. A hammer fell from a three-story building and hit me square in the head which might explain some lyrical content, those are all true stories.
Puppy: Not too many. But I’ve been letting this guy drive on the other side of the road.

Which bands would you like to take on in a fight?

Clark: Nickleback, do any of you guys know who they are over here, they’re number one, they p*** me off horrible.
Puppy: They’re ruining music for everyone.
Clark: And then White Denim (band they are touring with), I mean we’re friends with them and we played with them last night but that would be a good fight, there’s three of them but I think it would be a good fight.
Puppy: They’re wiry, you know.
Clark: They are wiry.
Puppy: We got more weight.
Clark: Yeah.

How did you get on with Tricky?

Clark: Oh Tricky, Tricky didn’t like me. Tricky apparently is an insane like maniac from what I understand, I met him and he seemed fairly nice. But I tapped him like, ‘Hey thank you for having us on your show.’
We were playing in Shepherds Bush Empire, this beautiful theatre in London and it’s like 1500 people and it was our first show ever in England and I said, ‘Hey Tricky’ at the after party, ‘Thank you,’ He went mental and said: ‘Hey look, that’s it man. You’ve lost it, dont f***** touch me. You blew it man, you’ve blown your chances.’
And I was like, my chances for what? The only like real reason we were on the show because NME had us on the show, you know what I mean, so I don’t think Tricky and The Gay Blades you know ‘trip-hopped.’ He was not in our cart, Tricky is a scary dude, he’s real muscular.

So you freaked him out a bit ?

Clark: I think yeah, he had just gotten off-stage maybe, I was like, up in his space too much. I can’t be bothered with that s***, thanks for having us on the show Tricky.

The Gay Blades album Ghosts is now available on amazon.