Gaeya announces debut EP titled Awakening

Posted on 18 December 2020
By Khyle Deen
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Marking the announcement she has released the video for new single ‘Truth’.

‘Truth’ is a call to arms for transparency in today’s world. Rhythmic tribal drums lead the march in the motivational anthem among ethereal synths and huge vocal harmonies. The brilliant animated video captures a mythical otherworldly journey of enlightenment.

Regarding the single and video Gaeya says, “For me this song is about following the truth inside our hearts, no matter the outer circumstances, knowing we always hold the true answers inside of us.

“When the world seems increasingly unfathomable, we can bring focus to our hearts, lift our perspective and listen to what feels right for us individually, without any judgement. Once we know our self we no longer need to convince the outer world, just share the love we are.

“The truth can sometimes be hard to face but with the single ‘Truth’ I want to share the liberation and relief we can feel once the truth is out. This song is to inspire celebration and freedom instead of anger and fear of the things that have been suppressed.

“With the video I hope to inspire people to remember the light inside of them, to follow their heart and through that start to live and express their own truth. We can shift things in this world quickly as soon as we start to follow our own hearts and let the beauty of life show the way.”

‘Truth’ is the latest song to be taken from the forthcoming EP Awakening, and follows the debut single ‘Contact’ earlier this year. Blending ambient soundscapes ‘Contact’ calls for awakening and connection amid an increasingly disconnected world.

With a sound reminiscent of early Björk, Gaeya’s music marries the sounds of the natural world with immersive sonic paintings; landscapes formed from analogue synths and deep-rooted Nordic frequencies which provide the backing for vocals that seek to inspire sustainability and focus for a better world.

Inline with her mindful musical messaging, Gaeya also hosts the podcast tellUs, which focuses on sharing new ideas and solutions for the on-going issues mankind is facing from the results of long term misuse of the planet, its resources and its beings.

Special guests who are industry leaders in their respective fields join Gaeya on each episode including the likes of Rebecka Le Moine (a biologist with a masters in ecology and nature conservation and member of Swedish Parliament) and Sofia Jessen (Countryside developer and Head Of Culture at Grästorps Council, Sweden).

The latest episode Life Will Heal The Earth, which focuses on mankind’s lost connection with nature. Gaeya is joined by Andris aka the bird whisperer, a man who spent more time in the forest than most western people ever do.

Gaeya has an unrelenting desire to affect change, underpinned by a profound respect for the planet and delivers this through the medium of beautifully captivating music. She is a truly exciting artist and is set to make a bold mark with the unique insightful message running through her debut EP Awakening.


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