Fun While It Lasted – Lexxi Raine’s Alternative Pop, Love Inspired EP

Posted on 18 February 2020
By Dana Andersen
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If you’re looking for something new to listen to, Lexxi Raine’s ‘Fun While It Lasted’ is a great option. The seven track EP is jam packed with hit material, sure to make any alternative pop fan stop and listen.

Lexxi’s style could be described as a modern Avril Lavigne with a sprinkle of Billie Eilish, but there is no evidence of Lexxi attempting to be anyone but herself.

Placing her in a genre is difficult, but ‘alternative-pop-rock’ is probably most fitting. Plenty of driving guitar riffs, drums that make you want to dance and Lexxi’s soft, but still rock, voice all combine to create a nostalgic 00’s feeling, without feeling ripped off or old in the slightest.

From the upbeat, pop-rock first track ‘He Says, She Says’ to the final song, an acoustic track called ‘Body’, the EP walks us through the steps of love, and reminds us that whatever may happen, at least it was Fun While It Lasted.

My personal favourite track ‘Dear Kellie’ is a fantastically unique blast of bubblegum pop-turned-punk thats difficult to get enough of.

Having recently returned to Buffalo, NY from a short tour of the UK, Lexxi shows no signs of slowing down with more gigs in the pipeline, and an active presence online.

Many of us are used to musicians taking a long time to release new music, but Lexxi posts to Youtube weekly, usually sharing newly written songs, but also vlogs, and the behind the scenes insights for her music videos.

Lexxi is a true musician, having been playing in bands since 2012, who really cares about her music.

Everything about the EP from the cover, a ruined ice cream to show how something can be ‘ruined in an instant with the wrong touch’, to the general concept, of emotions we feel through, and because, of love, has been well thought out, and comes across even on the first listen.

If you’ve ever enjoyed Avril Lavigne, Green Day or The Spice Girls, its time to head over to Spotify and listen to this.