Friday Firsts: wood ewe

Posted on 15 March 2019
By Alley Richardson
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If a picture can paint a thousand words then “wood ewe’s” debut EP paints a picture that’s not only perceptively ambient but hauntingly poetic too.

After an unsuccessful collaboration, 21 year old music production student Ian Henderson embarked on his first solo project under the name wood ewe. Described as a notable pixel artist he creates a fusion of of psychedelic and electronic sounds drawing on influences such as Tame Impala and Anderson Paak.

Bonfire March is the lead track of Henderson’s self titled EP, it is an observational piece, written around the time of the 2018 Saddleworth moor fires with smoke filling the sky and ash raining down over the city of Manchester but also fixing the songs chorus around the idea of burning witches.

“Thematically it’s a bit bleak, to put it bluntly it’s about death, really” Says Ian.

Originally from Alcester, Warwickshire, Henderson focuses primarily on leaving home and moving to Manchester to study for his inspiration.

Obsessed with blending electronics and instrumentals yet admits he’s “A bit of a Jack of all trades though master of none”.

Continually chasing other sounds adding synths here and guitar riffs there but admits he’s never completely happy, there’s always something more.

The EP will consist of six tracks, the sixth being an alternate version of Bonfire March. Other tracks will include Woozer, God Knows and Hup To. Dealing with issues such as disappointing collaborations, maintaining home connections through social media and plowing on despite the struggles.

It’s all very experimental and cleverly mastered and most definitely a great starting point for this young musician.

The single is to be released soon on all platforms in the meantime you can listen and watch the music video in our video box.

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