Friday Firsts: Phil Ryan

Posted on 7 February 2020
By Alley Richardson
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With Valentine’s Day on the way, who doesn’t love a beautiful, magical song to say with music what words alone sometimes cannot say?

As We Grow Old is the latest single from Phil Ryan, musician, writer and entrepreneur. A song that encapsulates the essence and power of a love that’s strengthened by time and the journey of growing old together. The song has an incredibly tight melody that’s warm and simple and beautifully written.

“As we grow old/this love won’t fade/we’re just one soul/we’re unafraid”

Sung with so much passion and feeling it you to another time and space entirely.

As part of the singles launch a short film is now available showing how one moment of love can be captured in a song.

Phil is no stranger to the the music business from his time as a session guitarist, recording with many well known artists and festival venues through the 1980’s to touring Europe and many parts of the US in the 1990’s.Joining The Animals as lead singer as they performed at the ‘Children of Chernobyl’ benefit in Moscow’s Red Square to an audience of 100,000 in 1992. Releasing his first studio album Storm Warning in 2001.

As well as his vast contribution to music he co-founded The Big Issue magazine and founded The 12 Bar Club that hosted a variety of artists such as KT Turnstall, Damien Rice, The Libertines and many others. The venue was situated in London’s famous Denmark street known as Great Britain’s Tin Pan Alley. Sadly due to the redevelopment around London the club had to close in 2015 and a huge historical chunk of musical soul has now disappeared despite the tireless campaign of Phil and many others.

Ryan has also put his hand to projects on screen and stage, adapting the George Elliot novel Silas Manar to music which premiered in 2002. His first play The Blessed was performed at Theatro Technis, Camden in 1989 and took the the stage himself featuring in John Bird’s two-man show The Naked Bird, a critically acclaimed piece that has been performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2008.

A vast career of cultural excitement, to be sure.

As We Grow Old is available on all platforms.

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