Friday Firsts: Nimuah

Posted on 20 September 2019
By Alley Richardson
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Getting the balance right while keeping it unusual is not as easy as it sounds in today’s throwaway, auto-tuned mass produced market but all hail Nimuah, (pronounced Nim-uh-way) for doing just that.

Their debut single Love Takes Control, released last year has begun doing some fresh rounds as the band head off into the studio to record some new music to be released at the end of the year.

It’s dark and delicious and slick like oil on shiny leather, a perfect sound for the self proclaimed sleazy blues rock band, based in Manchester. Beautifully crafted there are so many ways to describe what this song isn’t but what is, is a bizarre combination of hard rock guitar and the gothic-chills of Amy Lee (Evanescence) and a little shot Beth Ditto defiance that’s not just heard but slips way down and sits warm and comfy in your diaphragm.

The video set in a forest clearing gives the song an almost menacing quality of fierce lover taking on a physical form in the imagination of the singer form hiding amongst the trees and possibly hunting you down in Blair Witch fashion and taking control. A sweet surrender or something more?

You can watch the music video for Love Takes Control in our video box.

Originally the band had very different members who split soon after the professional Musicianship course Nicola (Lead Singer) was taking in Manchester. Having completed her studies in 2016 she met Harry (Guitar) through an advertisement on the University website and Shaun (Guitar and Bass) was known to Harry. Although came together from different parts of the UK and overseas and their newest member Tom (Drummer) made the move to Manchester to pursue a career in music it seems destiny has brought them together for this very reason.

Their musical influences of Evanescence, Guns n Roses, Black Sabbath and Skunk Anansie form a collective glue of incredible creativity and innovation.

Taken with the idea of mythology the name Nimuah from the tales of Merlin and Arthur, lead singer Nicola has found the mythological themes fitting with within her lyrics that range from deep and meaningful to dirty and sleazy. These ideas spring from dreams and places she has visited coupled with studio time exploring emotions conjured up by a new riff during rehearsals.

So with the promise of new music on the way and a variety of gigs which have included Harp Bar, Paris, Night and Day, Manchester, Retro Bar, Manchester, Salford Quays food fest and a 2020 UK tour coming up it’s going to be an exciting time for the band and ones certainly to look out for.