Friday Firsts: Mai.K

Posted on 15 February 2019
By Alley Richardson
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Fresh on the music scene and opening with a hauntingly beautiful video Little Arab Girl, Syrian born singer/songwriter Mai.K brings to life the reflective and relatable, almost cathartic R&B sounds.

Giving us her unique insight into her current creative project, collaboration with rapper and activist Lowkey and secret dreams of taking the Masterchef tile.

PR: Tell us a little about yourself.

Mai.K: “My Name is Mai.K short for Mai Khalil and I’m a singer/songwriter. I was born in Syria and came to the UK with my family when I was 10 years old. I have been singing since I was a little girl, and have been creating music most of my life.”

PR: Have your interests always been in music?

Mai.K: “Yes. I have always loved listening to music and creating music. One day when I was about 10 years old I was walking down the road and randomly found a RnB edition of Smooth Grooves. I had never heard Rnb before and barely spoke any English at the time.”

“I fell in love instantly and it was not long before I was using music to help me to learn English and express myself. The love affair that I have with music is still going strong.”

PR: Do you come from a musical family?

Mai.K: “No, but my Dad would always sing traditional songs at family gatherings. Back then I used to find it super embarrassing but reflecting now that probably gave me the confidence to stand up and sing in front of people myself. I still get the nerves and suffer with confidence issues as we all do but once I am on the stage they all go away.”

PR: Tell us about your new EP?

Mai.K: “My EP “Change” is part of a bigger project. I will actually be releasing 3 EP’s over the next year. The songs on “Change” are all songs about big moments in my life. Moments where I really had to take time out to meditate and reflect on who I was as a person or what I was going through at the time. We all carry moments in our life that shape who we are.”

“Here are a few of mine. There are 3 songs on the EP 1 – Little Arab Girl 2 – I Need You 3 – Soften. All songs are available for stream and download on all major digital platforms from 8th March 2019.”

PR: What has been the response so far?

Mai.K: “People seem to relate a lot to my music, I am constantly receiving messages or meeting people who tell me that a few words that I sang helped them to get through a difficult time in their life or to emotionally engage with a topic they feel strongly about, especially the more political stuff.”

“Commercially my success has not been as engaging. I have never pushed myself to have my music reach the wider masses, which is what makes it even more heart warming when you get texts from Dubai and other parts of the world I have never been to or know anybody.”

“The songs on this EP are a re-release. I am now ready to really push my music and give it the attention it needs. I have a great team around me now. The energy is good and I am feeling good.”

PR: How was it working with Lowkey, how did you get involved with the project?

Mai.K: “I have known Lowkey for a long time. He is a very close friend of mine. We both relate to a lot and feel the need to speak up for people that are suffering throughout the world through war, injustice and just not feeling like the world loves them because of a reason they cannot control like the colour of their skin or religious beliefs.”

“Working with Lowkey is amazing, the man is a genius. I am genuinely in awe every time I listen to a new verse of his. It has been a blessing to have collaborated with him on so many songs and experience so many great venues and crowds together.”

PR: What interests you outside music?

Mai.K: “Oooohhh that’s a difficult question. There are so many things. Family, I have 3 sisters and my mother and father that I spend most of my time with. I recently became a mum to my son “King”, I love him so much I barely let him out of my sight.”

“I like to cook and pretend to myself that one day I will win the MasterChef title lol. Actually reading this back I live a very boring life but I love my life I would not change it for all the tea in China.”

PR: Are you reading anything right now?

Mai K: “I have not had time to pick up a book in a long time but I do love reading. The last book I read is “Women Who Run With Wolves” it’s an accumulation of stories, that every woman can relate to, about life learnt lessons.”

PR: If you were the weather, what would you be today?

Mai K: “Lol, I would be sunshine on a stormy day. Sweet, good energy but also often a hot mess lol.”

PR: Tell us where you can find more info on you?

Mai.K: You can find more info on me at the following websites:
Facebook: /Maikhalilmusic
Twitter: @maimaikhalil
Instagram: @maikhalilmusic

Thanks to Mai.K for her time, be sure to check out her EP titled Change from 8th March.

You can also watch the video for Little Arab Girl at: and in our video box above.