Friday Firsts: Lilith

Posted on 19 April 2019
By Alley Richardson
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From the age of 11, Lilith has been writing songs and developing her own unique style drawing on subjects such as not fitting in and being yourself.

Writing alongside producer and songwriter Lawrence Hobbs and award-winning producer and songwriter Gregor McWilliam, Lilith, still at the tender age of 14 has released her fourth single Come To My Oasis.

With jazz and soul influences and a voice that transcends far beyond her years the song has a beautiful yet yearning feel that will give you shivers from start to finish.

It’s unusual to find such depth in one so young so it’s not surprising her music as haunting and melodious as it is, is capturing the hearts of young and old.

The London based singer/songwriter began honing her craft on an artist development program at Charthouse Music who have worked with many artists including X Factor artists and Britain’s Got Talent winners and has so far written six songs, four of which have now been released.

In February Lilith released the song Little Revolution, an upbeat track that was reminiscent of early Amy Winehouse sassy and sweet and rare touch of spice.

Having won the highly commended certificate 2017 U.K. Songwriting competition, it’s refreshing to find musical talent that finds its feet so young and is expected to keep running for the top.

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