Friday Firsts: Leon Marshall

Posted on 11 October 2019
By Alley Richardson
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Described as having toe-tapping rhythms and hooks to get audiences on their feet and singing from the get-go, singer-songwriter Leon Marshall releases his country music road trip, sounding new single Chain-Smoking.

Marshall, from Harrogate, England wrote the song whilst driving home from Edinburgh, singing the song repeatedly in an attempt to stay awake during the long journey. In many respects the song is relatable, counting the miles to the next coffee break or the playlist to keep you focused as the minutes pass by till you’re home.

Just one man strumming his guitar happily as the the jaunty uplifting beat just keeps on coming, beautifully inspired by a mountain top performance to a client while he proposed to his partner.

Having already received BBC exposure as a semi-finalist at the UK songwriting contest, it’s a far cry from performing the songs of others at weddings and events, while sneaking a few original songs in between to making that huge leap into showcasing your own work. It’s a baring of the soul moment and what a beautiful and talented soul it is.

From as early as 16 he was interested in music but took a short break to pursue his interest in art, sculpture making but in the last two years has begun to push for that career in music.

“I’ve always loved music, always enjoyed playing and wanted to make a living out of it” admits Leon.

Leon’s voice is possibly the most endearing quality, it’s warm and gentle sound complements the song making him very easy listening.

Inspired by the stars of the 50’s most especially Elvis and moving into the 60’s The Beatles.

“It’s the simplicity of the sound” he says.

A recent discovery of a BBC Introducing band Flat Cap Carnival, a local band is high on the playlist right now.

Chain-Smoking is the first of five singles set to be released, each with a different sound using different drums with the first being the favourite.


Playing at various festivals throughout the summer in and around Yorkshire he has received some stunning reviews from listeners.

More dates are to be announced soon.

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