Friday Firsts: India Newland

Posted on 23 August 2019
By Alley Richardson
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Smooth jazz with a modern day twist is here, from London based singer songwriter India Newland, as she releases her debut EP Fighter exploring themes such as mental health struggles.

Given the theme on single If You Go I Go, the first single from the EP might appear to be a downbeat sound but on first listen you realise it’s surprisingly jaunty with sweet and inviting lyrics that are filled with empathy and understanding.

The accompanying video may not be particularly striking, but it’s enjoyable following the artists musings while she strolls easily through quiet streets of Camden Town, cuts to the studio and the laid back scene make it all look oh so simple. Newland’s own style gives her a relatable quality that would be hard not to like.

Given that there are few vocalists that have such a unique voice, and ones that are not tarnished by autotune, this is a welcome change and not to be missed.

At just 18 years old, India has been performing on stage for five years and has recently returned from a recent performance at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Newland has described herself as being similar to Amy Winehouse with her roots firmly set in Neo-soul, pop and jazz. Just listening to her voice and forthright lyrics, there is a feeling that we’ve been here before and we like it.

Fire, the second single of the EP certainly has fire, it’s hip swaying, foot tapping pomp and two minutes of the sleekest sounds to hit the airwaves in quite some time. A thoughtful, engaging track that lovers of modern jazz music will surely appreciate.

There seems to be no shortage of airplay through many of the independent radio stations, with a positive response from listeners. It’s an EP that’s going places.

Fighter is available on all platforms, you can listen to If You Go I Go in our video box.