Friday Firsts: Incarnate

Posted on 18 October 2019
By Alley Richardson
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Spoken word over a gently throbbing guitar soundtrack, unusual? Yes, controversial? Absolutely. But does it work?

From a theatrical, anthemic perspective yes it does.

Manchester based band Incarnate have dared to do what many artists tend to avoid, especially in a Grunge setting. Such pairings are generally saved for the more experimental expressions of Pop music.

The Wraith, the first official release from the band comes from a place where the darkest and most human of struggles dwell and rarely see the light. An expression of mental health that is unashamedly honest and raw coupled with the soft intonation of the speaker that is cradled masterfully by the music.

Forming around six months ago while studying various musical degree courses at university 21 year old songwriter and vocalist, lead guitarist Giannis Giannikoy 21, bass player Joseph Marsden 21 and bassist Daniel Wright brought together their collective musical genres.

Taking their inspiration from artists such as Kate Tempest, Frank Carter, Duggie McClean, Radiohead and Tame Impala to rework and piece together a multi-spectrum sound that is thought-provoking and insightful while maintaining the integrity and core of their unique perspective.

The performance is a cathartic experience that is both rich and wholesome in a twisted way that has proved relatable and evocative for listeners and the band alike. An achievement that has delighted yet overwhelmed the band with its response.

Getting together for the release it wasn’t long before the the messages were coming through from people thanking them for being so open about a subject that is quite uncomfortable to talk about.

“It was incredibly surreal” says Spencer.

Subjects that are close to the band and using their musical platform to raise awareness as well as promote openness of speech without fear of judgment while encouraging discussion through shared experiences.

Hosting a charity night recently to continue to raise awareness of mental health and the lack of support they implemented a ban on mobile phones so as to engage their audience with the bands and with each other. A night that proved to be hugely popular and discussions are now underway for a repeat. Benefactors of the night included the NSPCC and MIND.

The Wraith is available to stream and download on all platforms.

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