Friday Firsts: Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate

Posted on 7 June 2019
By Alley Richardson
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In many respects, Out Of Mind has an almost Proustian quality, memory being the albums theme, but time and perspective give it the push and seamless flow from one track to the next giving an almost surreal quality that’s pure escapism and oozing symphonic fervor.

A multi-genre journey of progressive rock through classical arrangements to electronica and funk and the fourth release from London based group Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, made up of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Malcolm Galloway, bassist/backing/vocalist Mark Garland accompanied occasionally by Kathryn Thomas (flute)

Each track plays out the groups collective interests in science fiction, philosophy and history. It’s richness and depth goes way beyond the simple musical imagination giving a more theatrical experience than just a simple eclectic mix.

Malcolm and Mark began playing while still at school and have since developed a cult reputation through their award winning albums and endorsements from rock legends such as former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. Their passionate live performances have gained wider attention when they stepped into a last minute spot on the main stage at Hard Rock Hell’s (HRH) Prog Festival in Wales in November 2011, which has become one of the worlds leading indoor progressive rock festivals.

Performing for more than 1000 people opening for Magnum, Focus and Carl Palmer and were described by HRH Magazine as ‘unlikely stars that stole the show’ and as the ‘highlight of the festival’ by eFestivals leaving them with a heavy schedule of festivals for 2019.

They have been broadcast on over 100 radio stations/shows/podcasts and tv shows as well as scooping numerous awards such as the Album of the Year 2017-Beastie’s Rock Show Award, Prog Album of the Year 2015, Bandwagon Network Radio CD of the month 2018 and featured on the Prog magazine cover mount CD and Brass Magazine to name but a few.

This incredibly experimental album is storytelling at its greatest, stylistically defiant and challenging, a beautiful compilation.

Out Of Mind is available on all platforms.

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