Friday Firsts: Gary and Linda

Posted on 6 December 2019
By Alley Richardson
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It’s that time of year again, the time of tinsel, turkey and of course tunes. For New York duo Gary and Linda Sclafani it’s One More Round Of Cheer to welcome us into Christmas.

Upbeat and catchy with bells a-chiming, stockings being hung and cookies being baked and all the traditions reminiscent of christmases gone by.

This duo have been writing and performing for some 30 years together, starting their career in coffee houses and community gathering places. With their ability to appeal to all ages and groups they have gone on to perform in schools, churches and even prisons throughout their long career.

Coming from a background of nightclub performers this award winning pair have stacked up an impressive back catalogue and releasing new music in 2016 through 2019 having singles entering the Top 30 charts peaking at number 4,3,2 and 3 number 1 hits on FabChart in the UK.

With internet and FM radio shows adding their music daily to their shows. In addition to scooping the Best Band/Duo Music Awards in 2017 and 2019 also from FabChart.

It’s electro-pop/dance feel good sound they have created with catchy, sometimes quirky lyrics. Their 2016 track The Donald, a tongue-cheek-ode to America’s loved/hated (whatever your views) President.

“Where did that hairdo come from?” appears to be the most pressing question of the song. It’s lighthearted, highly amusing and even POTUS couldn’t be offended at such playful jibes.

On a more heartfelt note their 2018 release Memories and Melodies is a warm and beautiful remembrance of happy times and a life shared through music love and summing up of 30 years of memories made by melodies a truly fitting song.

One More Round Of Christmas Cheer is available now on all platforms.