Friday Firsts: Foreign Behaviour

Posted on 1 November 2019
By Alley Richardson
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The musings of the wandering mind electronically exemplified in soothing melodic waves.

Regaining Concentration can only be described as music for the mind. The concept of falling into nothingness and the journey of idle daydreaming in rhythmic succession and the subsequent awakening as one regains concentration arriving back in the here and now.

The five track instrumental EP is the brainchild of Zachary Henderson, a 22 year old music production student originally from Great Harwood but moved to France when his parents bought a house there and has spent the last 10 years there before returning to the UK to study at BIMM Manchester. Speaking both English and French fluently.

Working under the name Foreign Behaviour there’s influences of artists such as Deadmou5 and rock elements of Linkin Park but the essence is purely electronic. And in this setting there is room for artistic expression and experimentation.

“You can only go so far with a guitar or drums without a production behind it, with production you can go anywhere and do anything as long as it’s musical.

That’s why I love production.” He says.

Happy with his latest EP Zachary is already working on a new project. Having a strong interest in astronomy he is hoping to produce a complete album which as well as being electronic it will be vocally enriched too.

Beginning with Andromeda each track will go through the biggest galaxies in the solar system ending in a curiously yet equally electronic sounding IC1101. It’s a big project but enlisting the vocal talents of his fellow students.

It’s a big project and largely experimental “but I’d like to try every single genre if I could”.

Regaining Concentration is released on all platforms.

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