Friday Firsts: Deep Blue Sea

Posted on 25 October 2019
By Alley Richardson
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Previously known as Little Devils but recently changing to Deep Blue Sea after a number of line up changes, the London based band have been creating a huge splash on the live music scene, recently playing at London’s iconic 100 club for the release of their new album Strange Ways.

Don’t Say I didn’t Warn You taken from the album, is blues reinvented, upbeat with a great big punch. The track is a fusing together of musical elements from this international line up bringing in sounds from Spain, America and Sweden, it’s guitar heavy but a whole lot of fun.

Taking a less than conventional approach to music there’s an easy flow of experimentalism and a feeling of knowing when the music sounds great.

Skilled guitarist Iago from the Galacia, Spain has described the band as “Musicians who love what they do.” And it shows.

The energy and the passion comes through not only in their recordings but in their live performances too and with gigs spanning well into the new year with Venus in Norfolk, Kent, Cornwall and Yorkshire it looks like a busy time ahead.

Strange Ways is the sixth album release from Deep Blue Sea and with a change of band members a powerful and a much more pure sound has emerged. Their previous album Live It Up host an absolute corker of a track Rock Star Status is a busy retro sounding track but evened out by the heady vocals of American born singer Dregas.

It’s Jagger and Hendrix and so many things inbetween.

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