Friday Firsts: BackFoot

Posted on 26 April 2019
By Alley Richardson
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From a Queen Tribute band to a rock and happy listening band, Running Behind The Time is an album of original music from BackFoot.

Irish drummer Damien Dockery and Armenian vocalist David Zalinian met through the tribute band and formed shortly after and began writing together.

The result, a nine track album first released in 2013 that kicks of with a upbeat track, Expectation. A track that has all the markings of any 80’s feel good song and Arctic Monkeys style riffs.

Their latest offering from the album, State Of Mind brings a more concentrated and punchy atmosphere with clever lyrics and much more harder sound.

All in all this is laid back easy Sunday kind of album that wouldn’t be out of place in any playlist, even most discerning music lover.

The album has been doing the rounds on FM radio stations from Shoreditch to south west Australia and State Of Mind has been reported the most requested song in the last two months on Ireland’s West Coast Rock Show.

It’s been a blaze of fire ride for BackFoot and since signing a deal with Deuce Music back in 2018 they have been a firm favourite on over 60 radio stations worldwide.

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