Friday Firsts: Avani

Posted on 28 June 2019
By Alley Richardson
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Deep and savagely seductive, Dance To Something will give you the chills from the moment that first beat drops. Fluidly snaking, sensual beats that have an almost tribal feel to it.

An experimental clash of sound and rhythm from Manchester based monstrous, songstress, songwriter and producer Avani, delivering an oppressively sounding ode to the city and the genre-bending queer culture.

When art and music break the boundaries of social perceptions it opens up a world of limitless space where rules do not apply and the impossible becomes possible giving the imagination wings to take you anywhere.

Originally from Huddersfield they moved to Manchester to pursue their creative calling, experimenting with sound and queer art and self producing for that unique individuality.

Initially Avani began studying songwriting but the restrictive nature and directional guidance was not the path they wanted to take, choosing to go it alone, more comfortable writing and producing on their own terms.

After attending and playing around the city that has influenced a more synth-heavy sound they have begun working towards a live set which will allow for new and older songs to flourish within a whole new setting, which they admit they are very excited about.

You can watch the music video for Dance To Something in our video box and stream the song at the link below.

The second of their singles to be released, the first being an alternatively beautiful song, Heavenly Love, released in September of 2018. Atmospherical and brooding in nature, a plea to a despondent lover maybe or something deeper that can only reveal itself under the cover of darkness, away from the prying eyes of the sun.

The visual nature of each of these songs requires no colour or screen to play, the narrative alone conjures richly animated scenes and captivating plot lines, a veritable theatre for the mind.

Dance To Something is a delicious mix of electronic and atmospheric synth and is available to download on all platforms.

Cover art credit: Debbie Ellis