Friday Firsts: Anatoli Tsampa

Posted on 24 January 2020
By Alley Richardson
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From bohemian Berlin to London, Greek-born singer-songwriter and actress Anatoli Tsampa has told her tales of dark love, betrayals and beautiful cities and the moon and stars.

Everything Different, released late 2019 focuses on the loss of a loved one and the numbness and the changes because of that loss. Written on her piano, this is more than just a nostalgic ballad, this is Jazz and Soul and Electronic Pop. Reflective and poignant but in no way melancholy, the whispering vocals are only enhanced by the bold and mellow successive waves of the piano.

A blend of influences flow through her music from Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and Queen to The Beatles and Ella Fitzgerald to the Greek art and classical music and the writers that have shaped her creativity such as Sylvia Plath and Tennessee Williams shaping a style that forms her own unique perspective, one that is not only reflected in her music but also her theatrical performances and art.

Everything Different has had some extensive radio play and in December 2019 made on the BBC Introducing Mixtape with Tom Robinson and making it to number 2 on the Independent Music Chart.

Releasing her debut single in August 2019, Only A Stranger is more of a performance record than a simple song but still and distinctive sound and in true storytelling style.

With the need for new and experimental sounds Anatoli Tsampa is a breath of fresh air and with experiences to be had and exciting new tales to tell it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

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