Foster the People release new album Supermodel

Posted on 18 March 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Foster the People target capitalism with new album ‘Supermodel.’

It is hard for any band to follow up a first album that brought them a lot of success. There is already a level of expectation and hype to live up to and the band have to find the right level of evolution in music as well as being able to please fans of previous work.

The new album as a whole is about spreading a message about capitalist greed and is filled with angry guitar riffs and lyrics to express these views.

The band isn’t turning punk but the album is certainly more in the rock direction rather after their rather pop-ish ‘Torches.’

As to living up to the hype, some reviewers are already expressing that they feel it ‘fails admirably.’

But Foster has made it clear that this album is not to raise people’s opinions of him but to put a message out there and to give people an insight into his mind.

From the titles of some of the songs on the new album, it’s not hard to see where the attack on capitalist greed comes into it with names like ‘Are You What You Want To Be?’ followed by the song ‘Ask Yourself’.

Themes throughout the song include talking about watching your friends become addicted to drugs, trying to find peace and how it’s ok to follow your dreams, as long as your dreams are the right kind.

The album is filled to the brim with acoustic guitars and distorted riffs in order to put across the anger and anguish that Foster wishes you to feel.

With Summer just around the corner and songs turning to happy melodies and sunshine filled lyrics, the message of this album seems to be a little against the grain, but this might be a good thing!

The album has been released today with a live stream of the album happening on iTunes.