Flamboyant Luiz Bruno unveils video for new single titled YEAH!

Posted on 6 August 2017
By Khyle Deen
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Please meet Luiz Bruno, your favourite new artist. Combining the humour and witticisms of the late great Frank Zappa along with a sound that brings George Clintons Parliament and Funkadelic vibes straight into 2017, debut double A-side ‘YEAH!’ / ‘Words Are Not Reality’ are here to ignite that summer jam across the globe from his native Brazil through to the home of his formative years in Miami and across the Atlantic to his adopted new hometown London and everyplace in between. YEAH!

‘YEAH!’ is a compilation of emotions and facts from Luiz Bruno’s own life. It begins in his childhood and in the challenges he faced while growing up in the United States in the 90s. It talks about an incident where he involuntarily knocked down one of the teachers from the school he went to causing her to break her arm; it also makes references to the dark period of his life where he faced the pains of drug addiction; and finally arrives at his transcendental experiences achieved through meditation.

The entire narrative is seen through the eyes of positivity – YEAH! – which is the main characteristic of the artist’s personality and music.

“I have always tried to see the positive in things and learn from experiences that are considered not so great. It’s a kind of like ‘Buddha meets William Blake’ type of deal, you know what I mean?”

The inspiration for the arrangement in the song comes from keyboards Luiz had in his early musical childhood: “I was looking for that built-in sampler sound you could get from those old Casio keyboards made in the 90s that everyone had and I also used the arpeggiator from one of my synths”. Added to the mix were guitar riffs inspired by his heroes The Residents and their guitarist Snakefinger.

“I always thought it would be a good laugh to hear these weird guitar sounds set to hip hop beats, so I went and did that”.

Luiz Bruno is a multi instrumentalist and vocalist who began playing from an early age in Porto Alegre on the southern tip of Brazil and now graces our UK shores since his arrival in 2013 after having explored and developing a refreshing mysterious sound after having toyed with psychedelic bands in London and his own moniker I Know I’m An Alien performing at Fat Our Festival in Manchester among others.

Leaving the alter ego behind, Luiz Bruno now turns to pop and golden age hip hop, adhering to the tones and aesthetic of that time as well as adding elements of psychedelic rock. His shows are unmissable as he mad genius style galavants across his soundscapes with the help of drum machines, synthesizers, bass loops and his unique atonal guitar sound.

Luiz Bruno’s music is avant garde but at the same time danceable and accessible to all which he describes as “Hippie Hop”, or even “Trip Hope Psicomequié”.

YEAH! is the debut single and will be released on July 27th through the Brazilian label Take One Records.

Along with the new track, there will is an awesomely trippy video produced by Brighton based Dogbrain. WORDS ARE NOT REALITY will follow YEAH! as the accompanying A-side to this killer debut single release.

A full length album is due to come out in 2018.